The negative effect of the online visitors had not obtained an identity that fits the exhibition context before entering the exhibition hall would be more obvious than offline shows. On account of online exhibitions are commonly lack of initiative. From the aspect of curation and exhibition arrangement to say, though the network and software can provide sufficient freedom and possibility to create a virtual space that fits the theme, the time and cost required for the preparation process will be even more than offline. In the end, the viewers may encounter two problems, single options and stiff images, which makes them get bored quickly. However, to put it another way, these two problems may be able to choose one to experiment more. For the former one, the interactivity of the game and the narrative techniques of literary works may inspire the online exhibitions, such as setting up multiple related selection points or using the first-person angle to design the scene. For the latter one, Unreal Engine 5, which was just released on 13th of May, may provide a new opportunity for the innovative display of the online exhibition.