The absence of the physical form and the obstruction of the screen makes us lose the effective entrance of the aura. Regardless of the works restored using AR or Web XR, the virtual artworks are still unable to integrate with space. Moreover, the viewers would be difficult to focus on the screen wholeheartedly around them. The angle of viewing is constantly changing when we are walking in an art museum, and the light seems to have a subtle effect on the work accompanying with the movement. Our consciousness may easily be touched by a certain angle of artwork because of the interaction among space, light and object whereas the works exhibited online cannot achieve. All the images that we see online are just a moment of the objects that permanently frozen in the SD cards, which is lifeless. Besides, it is also related to the lack of empathy. Many online exhibitions stiffly display works and information as if the contents from the leaflets. Their identity is incomplete and ambiguous when they are presenting to the audiences. It is like skipping all the novice tutorials and character dialogues in the game, then enter the boss battle unpreparedly.